Tarabosh Hiking Trail

Welcome to the Tarabosh Hiking Trail, a mesmerizing journey through nature's hidden wonders. This trail is a paradise for hikers seeking a magical and beaudiful experience. Located in Shkodra city the Tarabosh Hiking Trail offers a sense of tranquility and solitude that is rare to find in today's bustling world.

Point A: Start Point

Start your hiking at old Buna bridge. Here you will see a beautiful view of Buna River.

Point B: Turn Left

Turn Left and continue  Hiking.

Point C: Panoramic View

At point C you can see beautiful panoramic view of the City, Rozafa Castle, Buna & Drini River

Point D: Bunkers of Communist Period

Make a stop at point D. Here are located some bunkers that were built during Communist period. Nowdays the bunkers are turned into seasonal homes for locals to cultivate herbs and grow farm animals.

Point E: Qafa e Zuesit

After you climb at point E, you will have a full panoramic view of Buna and Drini rivers and the village of Zues.

Point F: Final Stop

At the point F you will arrive at the top of Tarabosh mountain. Take some time to enjoy the 360° panoramic view of the city of Shkodra, Shkodra Lake, Village of Shiroka and Zogaj, Rivers Drini, Buna and Kiri.