Bushati Dental

Bushati Dental is a father to son inherited dental clinic and growing on. It works in “Slow Dentistry” concept which means time, cost and effort doesn’t really count when we want to achieve the best possible  “ lege artis ” results for our clients. In our everyday work we care for every single detail to ensure the most aesthetic result and most painless procedures for our patients. Our clinic is mostly focused on smile makeover and implants procedures. It is equipped with newest technologies and magnification.

Dr. Ormir Bushati finished a second level Master in Siena University, Italy, in Prosthodontics. He is a member and Country Chairperson in European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD). He is a national and international lecturer, author of several national and international articles and organizes hands on courses in restorative and aesthetic topics. Dr. Ormir took part in a lot of trainings in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, Rumania, Portugal, Germany etc.

Dr Irta Dibra finished the university with a very good performance and trained in a lot of national and international courses. She is focused in restorative, endodontics, orthodontics and facial aesthetic medicine.


Dental Services

Prosthodontics: crowns and bridges over teeth and implants, All on4, All on X, removal prostheses, ceramic crowns and veneers. With the help of intraoral scaner we take the impression for a quicker, more precise and comfortable way for our patients

Implantology: From single implants to more challenging techniques with periodontal aesthetic surgery, all on 4, sinus lifts and bone grafts. Surgeries could be supported by surgical guides which help in a more precise placement for implants and a quicker and easier procedure for the patient.

Smile makeover: Full smile evaluation by Digital Smile Design (DSD) where the patient understands the final result before starting by a digital manipulation. After that with a mock up he can check his final result in a reversible way in his mouth. To finish the plan we can proceed with soft tissue resective surgery (gummy smile) or soft tissue augmentation surgery if needed and with composite or ceramic veneers

Restorative and Endodontics: Every tooth filling or root canal treatment is done with rubber dam and magnification loupes which help for a sterile and precise treatment. The procedures are done with the best and most effective materials

Orthodontics: Teeth alignment can be done either fixed braces or clear aligners (invisalign)

Facial Aesthetic Medicine: Regeneration of facial skin cells and hydration of lips with hyaluronic acid. Also prevention facial mimic wrinkles with the usage of botox.