Venice Art Mask Factory

Venice Art’s is the world’s best and biggest Venetian and Masquerade mask supplier, providing customers with Venetian Masks of exceptional quality, sentiment, and creativity, while offering superior customer service.

All of the masks and costumes produced by Venice Art are handmade, combining traditional techniques of local Venetian craftsmen with new explorations into contemporary decoration.

The special handcrafted papier mâché used at our factory possesses an elasticity and softness that allows it to adapt comfortably and perfectly to its wearer’s face.

Through generations our factory has quickly become a standard model of Venetian craftsmanship and our masks are very familiar to the celebrities around the world. Venice Art has become a leader in providing masks to the Hollywood movie industry, royal families and groups that are throwing or attending masquerade balls or galas around the world.


It is a combined workshop and museum is run by Edmond Angoni, an Albanian artisan who emigrated to Italy in the nineties to master the mask-making art of Veneto. He has since made a successful career designing masks for a host of films and productions, the most famous being Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. Apart from the fact that each mask is treated as a unique work of art, the sheer originality and quality of these works has contributed to the increase in popularity of this factory worldwide. He has set up shop in Shkodra in recent years and employs a lot of locals in his factory.