Rozafa Castle Museum


The Rozafa Castle Museum is an object from the 15th century known as the "Capitaneria", the residence of the Captain (the Venetian ruler). On the large doors, which occupy its first and second floors, other museum objects are exhibited that showcase the ancient grandeur of the castle. On the first floor, the famous legend of the city's founding is presented, according to which the young mother from Shkodra (Rozafa) sacrifices herself, immuring herself forever in the city walls, so that they remain in good condition. In the showcases and panels of this hall, archaeological objects are arranged, such as vessels and fragments of ceramic vessels from various prehistoric, ancient, and medieval periods, the oldest of which date back to the Early Bronze Age (2000 years BC), when life began on this hill. Many other metal objects such as tools, weapons, ornaments, and coins are also presented there. In this hall, there are also busts of three Illyrian kings: Bardhyli, Teuta, and Gent.

In 181 BC, the city became the capital of the Illyrian Kingdom with King Genti at its helm.

From the coin dating back to 230 B.C., we learn that the city was called Scodrinon at that time.

Rozafa Castle in Shkodra is one of the most important castles in Albania and the main tourist attraction in the city of Shkodra.

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Tuesday - Sunday 09:30-15:00
Monday Closed


Adults 200 Lek
Groups over 10 140 Lek
Children  50 Lek