Ebu Beker Mosque


The Ebu Bekër Mosque , also known as the New Fushë Çela Mosque  and sometimes referred to simply as Xhamia e Madhe (Great Mosque), is a mosque in Shkodër City, Shkodër County, Albania.

The mosque was designed by ARC Architectural Consultants and built from 1994 to 1995 on the site of the old Fushë Çela Mosque, which was destroyed during the communist era, with funding by Saudi entrepreneur Sheikh Zamil Abdullah Al-Zamil. It is named after Abu Bakr, the first Rashidun caliph. The inauguration was held on 27 October 1995, and the mosque was renovated in 2008.

Fushë Çela Mosque (1917)
The mosque, today at the end of a walkway from the Hotel Colosseo, covers 622.72 square metres (6,702.9 sq ft) and can accommodate 1,300 worshipers. The minaret is 41.11 metres (134.9 ft) high and the dome stretches to 24 metres (79 ft). The Fushë Çela mosque was historically important in the scholarly learning of the city and attracted notable Islamic scholars and theologians. A legacy of the Ottoman Empire destroyed by the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, it once had its own madrasa.


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