Shkodra City Center Tour

Welcome to the dynamic and captivating city center! This bustling hub is the epitome of urban life, where modernity meets history and where every corner offers a new adventure. Join us as we embark on a thrilling exploration of the city's beating heart.



Point A: Start Point - The Municipality Of Shkodra

Start your City Center Tour at 13 Dhjetori Street. Here you can see some of most important part of the city, starting from The Municipality of Shkodra. In front of  The Municipality is the park where you can see some monuments like: The monument of Gjergj FishtaThe Monument of Hasan Riza PashaThe Commemorating Monument of Victims During The Communism Period28 Nentori High School (one of the most famous High School of the city). Continue straight where you can see the Prefecture of Shkodra.

Point B: Mother Teresa Square

At Point B is Mother Teresa Square. Here you will see the Albanian Post, Kafja e Madhe (Cafe' Grand), The monument of Luigj Gurakuqi, The Monument of Saint Mother Teresa. Continue straight at Kole Idromeno street where are located on the left side: Ebu Bekr Mosque, Orthodox Church and The National Museum of Photography Marubi. On the right side you have the Francescian Church and Migjeni House. At the end of Kole Idromeno Street turn right to G'juhadol street.  

Point C: G'juhadol Street

One of the most important street & neighbourhood of the city is G'juhadol .Both streets Kole Idromeno and G'juhadol are lined with elegant turn of the 20th century buildings, many looking fine after recent renovations. Especially along  G'juhadol street you see some grand former diplomatic residencies, constructed during the period that the Great Powers were pondering how to chop up the region in the aftermath of the Turkish defeat. The G'juhadol street is also known for the famous nightlife  where bars are full of young people. At the end of G'juhadol street is Gjon Pali Square where is located St Stephen's Catholic Church known as Grand Church and the Diocesan Museum Shkodër – Pult. Turn Right and walk at Skanderbeg boulevard.

Point D: Skanderbeg Boulevard

Walk along Skanderbeg Boulevard where is located The Site of Witness and Memory and the Cinema of the city.Continue straight at Point E.

Point E: Democracy Square

At point E you arrive at Democracy Square. Here are located the English Clock Tower known as Inglizi Tower and the most important  
Migjeni Theatre. In front of theatre is The Statue of Migjeni one of the most  well known poets of realism literature. Here also you can find Albanian Radio and Television (Rtsh).

Point F: Çinari I Hoxhe Dheut Square

Continue your exploration tour at Point F where is located the Çinari i Hoxhe Dheut Square that was turned into a cultural monument. Here you will see an ancient tree that is thought to be 200 years old. On the right side is located the Historic Museum of Shkodra. Continue straight and you will arrive at Loro Boriçi Stadium. Turn Left and start exploring the Zdrale Square, where you can find the biggest Shkodra Market place.

Point G: Parruce Square

End your tour at point G where is located Parruce Square. Here you will see the Parruce Mosque.