Shiroka & Zogaj

Shiroka and Zogaj Villages are a  gem that lies besides Taraboshi mountain and Shkodra Lake. Located at the foot of majestic mountain of Taraboshi, these enchanting villages offers a serene escape into nature's embrace. As you approach, you'll be welcomed by the sweet melody of chirping birds and the beauty of  Shkodra Lake.



Point A: Start Point

Start your trip at Old Buna bridge.  As you continue at Point B where Shiroka Village is located you will see amazing scenery of Buna river that connects with Shkodra Lake. Take some time to enjoy the views and take some photos that will make your trip memorable.

Point B: Shiroka Village

Under the shade of Taraboshi Mountain and by the lake lies Shiroka Village. When you arrive in center you will see newly reconstructed pedestrian walkway. The mosaic paved with traditional carpet motifs will surely get your attention, an invitation to explore the tradition of the area. While exploring the village you have the opportunity to drink or by something on the restaurants and shops nearby. In Shiroka village there are three main attraction that you shoulden't miss: 1-The Villa of King  Ahmet Zogu (1930), the Church of Saint Rrok and the Mosque of Shiroka

Point C: Zogaj Village

In six kilometers from Shiroka, you will reach Zogaj, a tranquil fishing neighborhood, very similar in character to Shiroka. This small village is more isolated with characteristic stone houses up to three stories high and equipped with deep wells of waters. Some of them are tower type houses, which were built in the past times for defense. There are some guesthouses opened to visitors recently. The families here live of fishing and olive oil production.
Being a place bordering Montenegro, during the communism, it was a forbidden area and people were not allowed to visit it. There is not possible to cross the road and continue to Montenegro. It ends in front of the Mosque.After you finish the exploration tour , on the way back you will see some beach stops for you to swim on the lake and relax.